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Will Steger

Will Steger

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Wednesday, 02 May 2007 21:00

Will Steger - Long Travel Day Today

  • 35 miles of travel down the McDonald River
  • Ahead of schedule, day off on Friday
  • Sam and Will tenting and eating caribou with rice


Thursday, 03 May 2007 21:00

Will Steger - Day Off

  • Warm day
  • Picking colors for tents is important
  • Arrival into Iglulik is planned for May 11th
  • Friends arriving in Iglulik


  • Coast to Coast crossing of Baffin Island
  • Long day, 10 1/2 hours of travel
  • Switching tent partners


  • Noticeably colder temperatures
  • Travel is monotonous
  • Dogs are happier with cooler temperatures


  • 1,000 lb bear makes a visit
  • 2 additional bears at lunch
  • Thick fog makes UV rays less intense


Friday, 04 January 2008 08:28

Will Steger - Another long day of travel

  • Intense ultraviolet
  • 24 hour light
  • Seals and possibly more bears
  • Day off on May 10th
  • Big celebration in Iglulik


Wednesday, 02 January 2008 00:25

Will Steger - Time for a shower...a snow shower

  • Good to have John's family in camp
  • Open water brings overcast conditions
  • Many friends coming out to visit


  • Big welcome from the people of Iglulik
  • Many friends and family flew up to visit
  • Jewel concert in the evening
  • Community Feast planned
  • "It is not over yet"


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