Sunday, April 26, 2015
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I’m proud to announce Cordelia Pierson has recently been named Minnesota Environmental Fund’s new executive director. She succeeds Ed Marek who led the organization for more than a decade. The Will Steger Foundation has a strong commitment to the success of Minnesota Environmental Fund. Our executive director, Nicole Rom served on the search committee and will continue to support Cordelia via the transition committee.

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gulf_oil_fireInstead of pointing fingers of blame at BP we should first take a long thoughtful and constructive look at our own individual dependence on fossil fuels. We create the demand for the oil that is drilled up from the ocean sea beds. Our individual fingerprints are on the oil in the gulf that is now killing wildlife and ruining livelihoods. We must take action now to ween ourselves from our dependency on fossil fuels, an addiction that is destabilizing our climate, our economy and our national security.

Published in Climate News

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