Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Will Steger Foundation Blog

Will Steger Foundation staff and guest authors are now sharing their insights on all things climate on a regular basis!

  • blog_mainClimate Lessons provides tools, resources and reflections on climate change education for educators and communicators of climate change. This blog is posted to weekly with an educator audience in mind. [RSS Feed]
  • Climate Minnesota Stories is a two-year project funded through the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund,will uniquely feature individual stories to create compelling examples of how climate change has and will impact Minnesota communities. [RSS Feed]
  • Climate News covers climate policy and climate news related events for a general audience. [RSS Feed]
  • Climate Justice discusses diversity and equity in climate circles. [RSS Feed]
  • On the Road with Will Steger - As Will hits the road to share his Eyewitness to Global Warming presentation, Executive Director Nicole Rom captures the journey. [RSS Feed]
  • Youth Action features stories, updates and testimonials from the front lines of the youth climate movement. [RSS Feed]
  • News & Media contains WSF stories and articles from major news sources.


  • Nicole's Climate Story


    view from cabinMy climate epiphany came through my work with the Will Steger Foundation.  I was aware of the climate change issue, but I didn’t understand how urgent, how interconnected and how important it was until I was literally enveloped by it. But I was also extremely fascinated and drawn to it and chose to dig in deeply. It began with hearing Will’s powerful eyewitness story. Knowing that EVERY ice shelf he has crossed has disintegrated – and what it took to cross these vast ice shelves that disappeared in weeks and minutes – and that none of his expedition accomplishments could ever be repeated caused me to look at what places I’ve traveled, been, seen or love or feel intimately familiar with – how are these places changed. It brought me back to Ely, to Burntside Lake, to the Boundary Waters.

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  • Katie's Climate Story

    Katie's Climate StoryEveryone has places they go to become refreshed, to rejuvenate their spirit and renew their sense of purpose – maybe a walk in the woods or a trip home. For me it's my grandparents' house, which my family inherited several years ago and where we spend our summers, Christmases, and any other time we get a chance. No matter the season, our time is most often spent outdoors, on walks to the Cove, bike rides to High Hill Point, or gardening projects. Trips up there have a timeless feel: the house is more or less unchanged since my grandparents lived in it, and the days' rhythms are consistent across the years. As each visit nears its end I feel more ready than ever to re-enter the world and live more fully.

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  • Kumar's Climate Story

    Written on Tuesday, 27 January 2015 19:26 in Climate Minnesota Stories Read 6 times Read more...
  • Climate Ride 2015

    Climate Ride

    Registration is now open. Choose the Will Steger Foundation to be the beneficiary for your ride!

    Register now!

    Written on Monday, 19 January 2015 17:23 in Climate News
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  • 2015 Youth Democracy Summit

    2015 Youth Democracy Summit

    Our YEA! MN Program is proud to partner with MPIRG and the Sierra Club to host the 2015 Youth Democracy Summit on January 17th at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota

    Read more and register here.

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